Who we are

The foundation for development in justice and peace


A non profit organization which has worked towards sustainable rural development together with indigenous communities and farm families in the region called The Argentine Chaco since 1973.


To contribute to reducing rural poverty in the Chaco region, by promoting social participation, sustainable use of natural resources and cooperation between private actors.


The rural communities in the Chaco region, fully exercising their rights, are able to manage their lands sustainably.

Work areas

The foundation works in the Argentine Chaco region located in the provinces of Salta and Santiago del Estero and in the north of the province of Santa Fe.

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Our work area is located in the northeast of the province and it covers four regions: Bermejo-Ruta 81, Morillo – Los Blancos, Pilcomayo y Rivadavia Banda Sur.
Our work in this province targets indigenuous and rural families which add up to 2000 families, around 10,000 people, who live in the aforementioned areas.

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FUNDAPAZ’s work area is located in the centre of the province and it covers two big sections: Robles and Garza. Both of them belong to the Semiarid Chaco region, which has tropical climate with high summer temperatures which can exceed 50°C. The natural resources in this region are highly degraded, owing to indiscriminate timber exploitation, inadequate agricultural development and heavy grazing.

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Our work has developed in the north of the province in two areas: la Cuña Boscosa and Bajos Submeridionales.
Bajos Submeridionalesis a 3-million-hectare wetland (7413150 acres) which spreads over sections of the department of Vera, Nueve de Julio and San Cristóbal, with vast pasture lands and wet environments. The region has very low socio-economic development and its main production activity is extensive cattle raising, developed along the native pasture lands and its natural forage.


Strategic lines of work

One of our work’s central axis is supporting community-based organizations as instruments of community transformation. […]

Water and forest resources in the Chaco region must be used following sustainability criteria to stop the erosion process and palliate the effects of climate change. […]

The production systems of many families from Chaco are not diversified enough and lack technological development, which hinders a sustainable exploitation of their resources and a decent living. […]

Land ownership by rural families -indigenuous and farmers- in the Argentine Chaco has been a constant problem due to its uncertainty, and this uncertain nature has worsened since the expansion of agriculture and livestock […]

We also work with the families to improve the transformation processes and marketing of primary production in order to generate more diversity and boost product-for-sale quality. […]

Social organizations are, above all, a political arena which contributes to strengthening citizen participation, to helping respect and expand people’s rights and to designing and implementing public policies. […]








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