Fundapaz works in Northern Argentina rural development, together with aboriginal communities and rural families, promoting community-based and solidarity-development participation and sustainable processes based on the indigenous and rural culture, and through interdisciplinary teams, whose members live in the action areas.

AI works in a regional program of climatic justice

The Alliance ICCO (AI), formed by a set of cooperational entities among which are Edukans, ICCO & KerKinActie, Prisma, Sharepeople, and Yenti, is working in the Regional Program of Climatic Justice (Programa Regional de Justicia Climática) with its  intended goal of constructing in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Brazil institutional and social experiences of adaptation to climatic change in small producers and indigenous communities.

The actions of this project are oriented to improve the capabilities of preventing and reducing the threats of climatic change by taking advantage of their opportunities to the fullest extent.  Accordingly, it is expected that an answer to the material and spiritual  necessities of the destined population can be given by means of the adaptations of the productive ecosystems concerned with forests and water resources in the setting of climatic change.
Climatic Debt
To explain the need of this program AI says: “The developed  countries and the corporations are responsible for a climatic debt against most developing countries for their historical and continual excessive emission of gases as well as the adverse effects of the climatic change in the populations  in the poorest countries. The developing countries had to adapt in a progressive way to the adverse impacts and the damage brought about by  the climatic change. The climatic debt, therefore, is an ecological, social, and economic debt. Accordingly, one of the fundamental aspects of the climatic change has to do with the climatic justice by which the principle causes of the climatic change must be recognized and acted upon in the context of that responsibility.”
With this perspective, the proposal intends to contribute meeting places between civil society and the governments in South America. It is for this reason that the program encourages the construction of regional initiatives against the climatic changes, taking as reference the ecosystems of the Chaco Region, the Andes, and the Amazon in South America.
The Actions

The program will implement the following actions:

• Development of a database of comparative data and information on forest monitoring, water, productive systems, health and governance of the ecosystems, all of which guarantee  their socialization by various means and citizen contribution in decision making.
• Field development and monitioring of experiences of managing water resources, forest and productive systems that serve as practice and analysis laboratories for the concrete problem of each country and for comparative purposes.
• Development of information and reflection processes in the citizens about the different positions with relation to the natural resources and climatic change through the development of communication campaigns and the production of written and audiovisual material with the purpose of extending and deepening the social analysis and the knowledge of citizens and official representatices about  these proposals concerning climatic change.
• Training of leaders, opinion leaders, professionals, private actors, and activists on issues related to the problems of the natural resources and climatic change with emphasis on the analysis of different alternatives related to the official positions of the governments on these issues
• Strengthening of networks, social alliances, and work groups in the distinct ecoregions (Andes, Amazon, Chaco) in order to construct inputs for proposals, positions, and analysis, with respect to the inicitiaves best related to the managing of natural resources and the climatic change in the framework of the national and international agendas. 


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